The main activities of the company:

  • Repair of medium and small tonnage ships
  • Manufacture of metal structures
  • Manufacture and repair of machinery parts
  • Testing and repair works of the floating hoses and underwater hoses of the buoy of the oil products and other liquid fuel terminal
  • Stevedoring works
  • Ship servicing between the runs
  • Ship agency services
  • Yacht and leisure ships harbor
  • Cruise Ship Terminal
  • Real estate projects

The company gets most of the orders by winning the questionnaires and tenders, i.e. in a competition with other companies. The company repairs medium and small size ships therefore, the company owns the docks and equipment that is accommodated accordingly. Currently, there are medium and small tonnage ships under repair with the docking weight of up to 1200 tons. The biggest number of the ships under repair is the fishing, cargo, and leisure ships. 50% of all the ships repaired are under foreign title (Russia, Norway, and Denmark.) The rest of the ships are of the Lithuanian fishermen, also the sea port operational vessels, and Lithuanian Navy ships. The company has mastered the dismantling, mounting, and testing works of the oil products receipt hose in Butinge Oil Terminal at the dock of the company and since then the company is successfully cooperating with AB ORLEN Lietuva. Besides the ship repair works the company provides services to the ships of the fleet that moor at the quays of the State Enterprise Klaipeda State Sea Port Authority that the company has leased from, also, the company is the operator of the Cruise Ship Terminal and Castle Harbour. Besides the main activities the company is engages in the real estate development project Jūros vartai (Sea Gates). In the center of Klaipeda in the current location of the company it is planned to construct residential and commercial purpose buildings, and to accommodate the space intended for public needs that would become “the window to the sea” for the city.

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