IMS Policy


 The Management has hereby established and approved the integrated management system policy (IMSP) – mission, vision, and values, in the following areas of the company activities: small and medium tonnage ship repair, design, maintenance and service, manufacture of metal structures and spare parts, ship agency, maintenance and service of the yachts and leisure ships, real estate lease.

-         Stable development of the company by capacitating an ongoing improvement of the management quality directed towards maintaining the competitive level of the services rendered by the company;

-         Stable profit that would ensure high quality living standards of the staff and shareholders as well as further development of production by improvement of production quality and by fulfillment of the consumer wishes and company needs;

-         Following the Law on Environmental Protection as well as standards, norms, and other legal acts, the internal order and schedule rules of the company with an objective for due management of the production operations and processes with special attention to cost effective and rational use of resources, as well as pollution reduction, and efficient pollution prevention means;

-         Following the Law on Health and Safety at Work, as well as standards, norms, and other legal acts, the internal order and schedule rules of the company, also, the principals of social and moral obligations, motivation for making a healthy and safe environment for employees, and reduction of the number of accidents and illnesses at work.

The main policy principals:

  • To pursue the IMSP requirements and to keep improving the system.
  • To make IMSP known and comprehensible in the company – the IMSP is introduced to the employees who are a part of the system.
  • High quality of the production manufactured, compliance with the productions terms agreed.
  • To master and to develop new products with an objective to fulfill the consumer needs.
  • To aim for minimal losses at all the stages of manufacture, service rendering, and delivery of the products.
  • To manage the activities, resources, and the aspects of environmental protection as a unified correlation system of the processes, to aim for objectives planned by determining personal liabilities for each employee, to keep reducing the production costs and pollution on a constant basis.
  • To identify, asses, and control the environmental aspects of each activity engaged in.
  • To ensure efficiency of the employee health and safety system by managing the health and safety at work factors, to create a safe working environment for the employees.
  • The foundation for health and safety at work are the legal acts and modern practice, the health and safety standards and rules are compulsory for everyone.
  • The employer and employees are responsible for working without injuries.
  • IMS Policy is an ongoing improvement under the principle of four steps: