Ship agent

Agency Department of Klaipėda Cruise Terminal was duly registered and licensed for rendering agency services in the port .We started to become agents of NCL / Orient Lines, Fred Olsen Cruise Lines, Classic International Cruises /WCA, Saga Shipping Co.Ltd., Seabourn Cruise Line and TUI Cruises within a period from 2005 till 2014. Being operators of navy & cruise terminal and owners of ship repair yard , SC “Klaipeda ship repairs” and it agency department established solid relationships and won recognition of many shipping companies , owners and operators from US, UK, Germany ,Italy, Portugal, Holland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Greece, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Russia. Besides agency services for cruise ships we also did services for other types of vessels including Naval, Tanker, Bulk Carriers, Reefers , RO/RO , Fishing trawlers and sailing yachts . We have been participated at Seatrade Cruise Shipping Conventions in Miami and Hamburg and “Poseidonia” Exhibition in Athens since 2004.

Besides the above Agency Department has the following advantages : Local knowledge and good contacts with all port authorities , border police , port customs departments together with our global business vision , enable us to understand , satisfy and protect principals’ interests, ensuring that everything is accomplished with loyalty without a moments of delay and less costly for owners. In a period like today , when many shipping companies and agents have met hard times in all sectors , we are proud that we are stable and our reputation as reliable business partner continuous to grow , and today we can reassure our customers and principals of our ultimate assistance to perform much of their demands.

Agency Department office is located at about 100 mtrs from the berths of Cruise Terminal what allows us to provide services to ships operationally and cost-efficiently.

Agency Department — well trained and skilled specialists speaking English , German, Russian, so it helps us to tailor our agency services to the individual needs of our clients, react and solve all the arising questions qualified and with much more dispatch .

Agency Department Manager and Port Facility Security Officer being employees of the same Cruise Terminal , could duly cooperate to organize ship service and implementation of security measures with great dispatch.

To satisfy the requirements we have ability of various kinds of communication means such as VHF radio, phones, faxes, internet . We use new modern ways of computer communications and data treatment what makes our agency service more efficient.

24-hours daily service at best terms in due time. A flexible choice and arrangements of some agency services are as following:

-   customs, port border police formalities, quarantine for arrival & departure

   —   arrangement of proper berth , pilots, towage and mooring services

-     trouble-free and seamless port clearance inbound and outbound organization

-         inward & outward documentation preparation

-         arrangement of bunkering with gasoil, marine and lube oil

-         garbage , sludge ,bilge & sewage waters removal

-         fresh water supply

-         co-ordination of agency and terminal operation activity

-         updating of pier and facilities

-         transit & entry visas arrangement

-         crew members sign on / sign off & repatriation service

-         assistance in passengers embarking / disembarking

-         flights booking and hotel accommodation reservation

-         crew & passengers transportation service

-         information for non-shorex passengers

-         arrangement of watches , guards and baggage porters

-         cargo and luggage forwarding / handling

-         car renting assistance

-         doctor service & hospitalization and drugstore medicines arrangement for crew & paxes

-         banking and cash delivery service

-         tel / fax / internet service

-         cruise port and terminal layouts and facilities information

-         express mail & postage service arrangement

-         laundry service

-         health insurance policies assistance

-         provision and technical supply, stores & spares custom’s clearance and delivery

-         arrangement of repairs , storage & warehousing

-         assistance in arrangement of vessel’s repairs , survey and inspections

-         excursions and voyages arrangement including advanced reservation of guides & buses direct or through subsidiary company specializing in cost-competitive shore excursions

-         private passenger tours arrangement

-         visits & meetings arrangement

-         diligent accounting for funds advanced by the principal

-         accurate & reliable disbursements and prompt submission of accounts and other documents

-         financial transactions with maximum security , efficiency and dispatch.

-         reliable bank services

-         availability of general liability insurance

-         providing for substantial credit lines to long-term clients

-         thorough selection of all local subcontractors and vendors

-         prompt communication with master and operators

-         contacts to other agents

-         keeping principal reporting of voyage situation and expenses as well as keep informing and updating of port authority , harbor , border police and customs regulations.

Agency department is an integral part of SC “Klaipeda ship repairs” yard as operators of cruise ship terminal having technical facilities to assist any vessels with some repairs and duly render technical supplies & other services. We are working hand in hand with all the Yards departments and sub-divisions as one command understanding our mutual responsibility, what helps us to make management of agency service operationally and with great professionalism. We as agents could reserve & confirm our terminal berths for your ships beforehand.

Local companies, chandlers & vendors help us to render different extra services for ships.

Having contacts with some agents and cruise terminals in Riga, Tallinn, St. Petersburg ,

Amsterdam, Stockholm, Gdansk trying to establish proactive partnership what could help us to coordinate the service structure as well as to control costs and offer competitive and less costly rates for our clients. The above might identify and resolve key market operational and financial issues and reduce administrative burden.