Company History

The company was founded in 1875 as a cooperative of the ship repairers. Later, in 1919 when the German engineer Paulus Lindenau (Paulius Lindenau) became a partner in the company it was renamed Memel – Lindenau and Cie. From 1927 the company went under the ownership of the Lindenau family. The company was engaged in construction of the metal and wood ships, it operated as a machinery factory, and foundry. In 1922 by the order from a company from Hamburg the first big ship was built – it was 69 meters long steamship CATTARO.

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Lindenau operations continued even in 1939 when Germany occupied Klaipėda. The minesweepers were built there as well as German military ships repaired. The shipyard was supplied with new machinery to serve the purpose. During the war there were about 1000 people working in the shipyard. In 1944 with the front approaching from the east the machinery of the shipyard was moved to Piluva where they became a part of the factory producing naval weapons and ammunition. After WWII (during Fall of 1945) the company was moved and is currently operating in Kiel (Kiel-Friedrichsdorf.) The company renewed their operations in Klaipėda after the war. There the fishing ships were getting repaired. During 1946 – 1949 the main manufacturing shops were built. Later, there were built a few more shops that were new, modern manufacturing shops supplied with the up-to-date, unique metal manufacturing machinery and other equipment. Upon growing volume and demand for ship repair there were taken gradual steps to the repair of the bigger ships such as MFT (Medium Fishing Trawlers), MFFT (Medium Fishing Freezer Trawlers), etc. MFT became the biggest number of the ships repaired by the company. A new unit repair of these ships was started. During 1960 — 1961 most of the ship machinery such as engines deck machinery and other were repaired by the unit repair method. In 1965 the company was named Experimental Ship Repair Company. This name was given for the implementation of new and progressive technologies on the ships and at the repair of their machinery. With the growing manufacturing potential of the company there emerged a possibility to repair even bigger ships such as LFFT (Large Fishing Freezer Trawlers) etc. In 1991 the company was reregistered to the Sate Ship Repair Enterprise, and on 11 July 1995 – to the special purpose stock company Klaipėda Ship Repair. On 7 July 1998 by the Resolution No. 842 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania the Company was deleted from the list of the special purpose enterprises. When Lithuanian regained its independence the company gradually adjusted to the new market conditions and continued the repair of small and medium size ships; the orders from abroad started coming in, also, the stevedoring works were carried out. The yacht harbor was founded in the territory of the company whereof the sailboats from Lithuania and abroad get serviced. Currently the stock company Klaiped Ship Repair holds the niche of the small and medium size ships repair at Klaipėda Sea Port. In 2004 the company Achema with partners acquired the control stock of Klaipėda Ship Repair.   In 2010 the company became a member of the Concern Achema Group.